Pro Patria Award Bestowed to Chad Price and MAKO Medical

MAKO Medical has long been known for its commitment to service members, and this year has been a banner one for the organization. After having received the Medallion Award from the US Department of Labor in February 2020 for hiring and supporting all service members, the company has now earned the Pro Patria Award from the US Department of Defense specifically for supporting those in the National Guard and Reserves. We’ll look at what these awards mean for the country and how MAKO has managed to earn the honor.

The Pro Patria Award

Pro Patria is Latin for ‘for one’s country’. The award is given by the DoD’s Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) program for employers who honor those who served in either the National Guard or the Reserves. The program’s committees bestow a Pro Patria award to one public sector, one large, and one small employer in their territory or state. This award is aligned with the principles of MAKO Medical, a healthcare company that offers lab testing and technology services to the public.

CEO Chad Price started the company, in part, to give back to those who have already given so much for the public. The recipients of the Pro Patria Award have demonstrated — through their practices, leadership, policies, and protocol — that the company fully supports those who have served in the Reserves and National Guard. It is the highest level award that can be granted by an ESGR State Committee.

The Divisions of MAKO

COO Josh Arant of MAKO was immensely honored to receive the reward. The feelings of pride rippled through the whole company precisely because MAKO practices what they preach. From the supply chain to the logistics team, entire divisions of MAKO are staffed with people who have made huge sacrifices for our country.

MAKO Medical offers military members a solid career choice, but the company also relies on the skills of servicemen and women who understand how to get the job done. After COVID-19 hit, few companies pivoted as quickly as MAKO Medical did.

The company has managed to process more than 2 million tests from over 20 states since the outbreak. The College of American Pathologists (CAP) has recognized the company for its role in helping to keep the public safe during this difficult time.

To that end, MAKO Medical devotes much of its vast resources to leadership and training programs for its employees. When the company was receiving its award, the Northeast Area Director for ESGR North Carolina, Kenneth Oppenheim, CDR, USN Ret.) had a few things to say about why. He believes that the support for the military community at MAKO truly went above and beyond.

Dedicated to the Team

MAKO Medical Vice President of Logistics, Adam Price, has said that this award is dedicated to the whole team. Adam Price served as a Major in the Army Reserves and is fully aware of how far the company’s support goes. It’s not just the employees who reap the benefits, but their families and the wider community.

The ESGR was established in 1972 as a way to help employers and members of the Reserve Service work together. It’s supported by thousands of volunteers across the country who understand the importance of building reciprocal relationships between the public and private sectors.

MAKO Medical and COVID-19

MAKO Medical has continued to hire employees even as other businesses close down in the wake of the pandemic. The company has also given the state of North Carolina a resource for everything from testing to technology. CEO Chad Price has looked for every possible avenue to help the healthcare industry through these unprecedented times.

MAKO Medical has provided simple technology platforms to support telehealth and developed its own COVID-19 test. The company continues to support the kinds of innovative solutions that drive the industry forward and make it easier for everyone to access care.

About Chad Price and MAKO Medical

MAKO Medical is built on a foundation of teamwork and philanthropy. Chad Price got his idea for the company after experiencing one of the many frustrations that lie behind traditional healthcare services. If people can’t get lab results on time, the system falls apart. The company puts its value into human resources, whether it’s employees, customers, or those in need. By foregoing the needs of shareholders, the company is able to support nearly 500 charities across the US.

The company also continues to look for new ways to give veterans a foothold in the healthcare industry, recently launching MakoRx. Like many of the company’s other departments, the new pharmacy services division will provide veterans and reserve members even more chances to get ahead.

Founder & CEO of Mako Medical

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