Medical Laboratories Improve Diagnostics Research

The development of the COVID-19 vaccine was a miracle in medical research. It shows the incredible importance of medical innovation in the modern world.

However, there are other laboratories that conduct equally important research, even if they don’t get the same amount of publicity. These research facilities can be integral to the future of modern healthcare. They depend on new technology and ideas, including the use of AI in novel ways.

New Research Facilities Are Changing Healthcare Forever

A lot of medical research is being conducted by well-established research facilities, such as Genentech and Laboratory Corporation. However, a number of newer companies are popping up as well. They can make a large impact on the healthcare scene in the years to come.

These newer companies approach medical research from a new perspective. They aren’t clouded by group-think or major layers of bureaucracy that impede innovation. They could help break through some of the biggest challenges in modern healthcare and lead to some of the biggest medical breakthroughs of the 2020s.

Mako Medical is one of the companies that could make a huge difference. When Adam Price and his brother, Chad Price, met Josh Arant at a Bible study, it would change the course of their lives forever. The brothers had been eagerly awaiting test results for their special-needs sister and were frustrated with time dragging on. From this problem, came the seed of a genius business idea. The three men quickly banded together to put into motion what would soon be Mako Medical.

Adam Price, Chad Price, and Josh Arant set to work, but realizing their dreams would not come cheap. The founders soon emptied their 401k accounts and maxed out all their credit cards. The goal was simple: to take on medical industry giants, such as LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics. While many budding entrepreneurs would have sought investment early on, the founders decided that it was not for them. They were determined to run a business that was truly community-minded, rather than solely focusing on numbers.

It is that ethos that has made Mako Medical the success that it is today. The leading medical business puts a great emphasis on community and helping those around you. Since the co-founders started the business, its undeniable triumphs have proved that you can have faith, spread small acts of kindness, and give back while still being successful.

Adam Price: The Shark Whisperer

The Mako Medical Shark Fleet is the renowned company’s delivery system. You may have seen the drivers out there, with their vehicles adorned with the trusty shark symbol. Ensuring that customers get a fast turnaround when it comes to their medical health results is a tall order. For that reason, Mako Medical needed a Vice-President and head of Logistics & Supply Chain who could manage the entire fleet while also serving the greater community.

That’s where Adam Price fitted neatly into the picture. The co-founder came to the business with a vast amount of experience when it comes to logistics and management. While serving in the U.S. Army for 10 years, he learned the importance of leadership, risk management, and ensuring that operations run smoothly. Since the launch of Mako Medical in 2014, he has taken a lead in overseeing the complex logistics of the service.

With 22,000 pickups every month, ensuring a consistent level of service is far from easy. However, Mako Medical has a massive 99.9% pickup success rate, ensuring the vast majority of customers get their lab results the next day. At any given time, Adam Price can tell you where all of his 50 ‘shark drivers’ (i.e. army veterans he has employed) are, as he directs each of them on their route. The company values safe driving and even awards bonuses based on specific driving metrics that evaluate the sharks’ performance.

Giving Back to the Community

Mako Medical has always put the community at the heart of its services. Over the years, the business has donated millions in free medical services around the world. Staying true to the founders’ faith, it also supports 80 Christian missionaries and 472 local nonprofits and charities that are linked with veterans.

Of course, it’s not merely about money. Mako Medical employees also donate their time and efforts to causes and charities. The dedicated staff members are more than happy to spend hours on end helping out and have even built a deck for one lucky veteran in the course of their volunteering. The company mascot, Mikey the Mao, regularly makes guest appearances at events, hospitals, clinics, and even parades.

New Medical Research Facilities Will Contribute to Novel Advances

Medical science is evolving at a fascinating pace. This is going to lead to a greater demand for new medical facilities. These facilities are going to make a big impact on R&D.

Founder & CEO of Mako Medical