MAKO Medical Laboratories CEO Chad Price on Why Supporting the Vance County Public School Foundation is Vital

Chad Price
4 min readAug 2, 2023


If children are the future, teaching them has to be a top priority. Chad Price, CEO of MAKO Medical Laboratories, believes firmly in the power of the United States education system. As a leading entrepreneur in the North Carolina region, he supports a selection of causes that benefit the local community. One such cause is the Vance County Public School Foundation (VCPSF), which helps educators in the area in excelling at every feat.

Last month, MAKO Medical Laboratories donated a massive $10,000 to the foundation. However, that initial donation wasn’t the start and the end of the company’s support. The business also issued a community challenge. That is that the North Carolina-based healthcare brand will match all future 2022 donations up to another $10,000.

“We are so grateful for the financial support and the confidence that MAKO has in the work we are doing in Vance County Schools”, said Superintendent Dr. Cindy Bennett. “Every dollar donated will support the experiences and engaging opportunities our teachers will design and share with our students. MAKO has again demonstrated their amazing support for this community!”

Bolstering the Vance County Schools has been one of MAKO Medical Laboratories’ top priorities in recent years. This latest donation is a testament to the company’s ongoing support. Within this guide, Chad Price examples of why this cause is so important.

Education Helps Dreams Grow

Having access to a solid education means that young people have a chance to chase their dreams. It’s important that everyone gets the same opportunities and is able to watch their future goals be realized. In Vance County, more than 80 percent of over 25-year-olds have a high school education. Around 17 percent of those graduates will go on to gain a bachelor’s degree. That may sound impressive. However, since the national average for degree attainment is over 30 percent, the county still has some way to go here.

Affording young people the opportunity to gain the education that they need is important. While we all come from different backgrounds and have different life experiences, it is essential that everyone has access to the highest possible level of education. Ensuring that each young person gets the best start in life should make all the difference. However, the truth of the matter is that not every young person gets the same access as the next.

LEAP Grants Enrich Learning Experiences

The Leap Grants play a major role in the educational facilities in Vance County. Teachers in the area are provided with resources and innovative experiences for their students. Transforming the classroom opportunities mean that students get a new type of learning experience, which truly engages them on every level. Since each student is unique and has their own learning style, this approach can be highly useful to the wider group.

The foundation awards grants on an annual basis to Vance County School teachers. Last year alone, five teachers received the LEAP grants and were able to entirely overhaul the experiences that they offer students. As we look ahead to the 2022 grants, this funding will help many more teachers enrich the learning experiences that young people have on offer.

“Helping teachers in the classroom is a wonderful way to invest in your community”, said Josh Arant, Chief Operating Officer, MAKO Medical. “The past two years have been hard on students, teachers and their families. We want to help support our educators and inspire innovation in Vance County. I hope other individuals and companies will join us.”

Applications Open to Teachers

Last month, the Vance County district started accepting applications from teachers in the region. As these start to fly in, the Leap Grant committee has the job of looking through each application and determining which candidates will get the funding. The Vance County Public School Foundation (VCPSF) will be matching the $10,000 grants, making the total available a massive $20,000. Fast-forward to August this year, and the grants will be awarded to deserving teachers as part of the Convocation.

Giving hard-working teachers a burst of funding means that they have more options when it comes to the resources they provide. The power that this gives educators cannot be underestimated. Lack of resources is one of the biggest obstacles that people in this profession face. Relieving some of the pressure is a big step forward and means that teachers can focus on doing what they are best at-educating the next generation.

The Takeaway!

At Mako Medical Laboratories, the team is proud to continually support the educators of the community. By offering to fund to the Vance County Public School Foundation (VCPSF), the leading testing laboratory is helping teachers across the region. Investing in the future generation is one of the most direct ways to strengthen North Carolina.

Chad Price and MAKO Medical Laboratories: Supporting the Community

With an expert team of nationally-recognized doctors and PhDs, MAKO Medical Laboratories specializes in methodology development and pathological services. The innovative healthcare testing company and labs prioritize patients by offering transparency.

Started in 2014 by Chad Price, Adam Price, and Josh Arant, it aims to disrupt the sector. Additionally, MAKO Medical offers support to veterans. The company combines a wealth of new technology including robotics, app platforms, and cloud-based tech. When the pandemic started, the laboratories adapted their services to offer accurate testing.

Apart from offering game-changing testing services, the company also supports the North Carolina community. Chad Price and his team employ a selection of veterans within the company ranks, specifically in the delivery services. Additionally, the company regularly donates to causes and charities in the region while also sponsoring sporting events.

Chad Price is the CEO of MAKO Medical Laboratories. He has had a long entrepreneurial career previously co-founding BrideGenie and founding Element Services Group Mechanical LLC. He has played a major role in starting Cary Reconstruction and is a board member for Trill A.I. Moreover, he currently offers tailored consulting services to companies embarking on new mergers or primed for growth.

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