Chad Price, CEO of MAKO Medical, Shares Insights on Mastering the Art of Team Motivation

Chad Price
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Henderson, NC, US, June 23, 2023 — When you’re overseeing any size of corporation, motivating your staff will be a top priority. If your employees don’t have aspirations to do well in their roles, you will find it hard to run a successful business. Needless to say, this is an ongoing approach on the side of any leader. Should you want to get the best out of your team members, you need to make sure that you are motivating them at every turn. So, how can you best spend your efforts?

Chad Price MAKO Medical Laboratories CEO may have the answer. The business leader manages a team of more than 1,000 workers in various positions in the company. Since launching the nationally recognized testing and research laboratories in 2014, the medical business has gone from strength to strength. Over the course of the pandemic, the healthcare company more than doubled in size, growing faster than anyone could have expected. In the following article, Chad Price reveals how he motivates his staff members.

Establish a strong company culture

The words “company culture” are thrown around a lot lately. However, these are not mere buzzwords. When you build a business from the ground up — as my co-founders and I did — you quickly learn that you need a solid vision that carries through every aspect of the business. Thanks to our clear Christian values, we were all on the same page when it came to our ongoing mission as a business. MAKO Medical Laboratories is a business that is not only concerned with the bottom line, but with how it can improve people’s lives.

I am proud to say that we now have an extremely strong culture that reverberates through every part of the MAKO family. The upper management team do all that they can to encourage employees of every rank to give back to the local community. Through our countless voluntary initiatives and supportive campaigns, we have continually served those who need it the most. I believe that this is one of the most motivating factors when it comes to keeping a team moving in the right direction. Each member of staff knows that we are doing more than simply offering healthcare services. The MAKO ethos is all about working together to dramatically improve people’s everyday lives and help others.

Be clear, open, and honest in communication

We don’t believe that workplace communication should be all smoke and mirrors. If you’ve ever worked in a traditional corporate environment, you will know all too well that the managers use jargon to put up barriers between staff members. We will never try to keep staff members from climbing the career ladder. For that reason, we rely on clear, open, and honest communication from the offset. That value travels right the way from me down to the new hires that we have onboard. Each member of staff has the right to fully understand the operations and communicate well with their teammates.

It is my opinion that this type of communication starts from the top. That is why I have continually worked to ensure that there is a level of understanding throughout MAKO. I would advise managers and business leaders to take this approach. When you are hoping to inspire your team, it pays off to be transparent with them. Since every staff member has access to the same information, we have a solid foundation in the workplace. The way that you communicate with your team will have a direct impact on their motivation levels. When managers learn that lesson, they can entirely transform the way they manage teams.

Give employees a chance to develop

Every professional craves career development. Once you understand that, you can unlock a wealth of hidden talent in your organization. At MAKO Medical Laboratories, we have recently launched MAKO-U, a learning and development initiative to help staff members expand their skill-set and qualifications. The platform is open to anyone under the MAKO Medical family umbrella and is set to open up doors for those who want to continue their learning. This approach also helps with staff retention. When you give your team members the opportunity to grow within the realms of the business, they won’t look elsewhere.

While I recognize that not all businesses have the means to set up their own program, there are plenty of ways that you can support your team. You may want to look into online courses, evening classes, or simply training days. Giving your employees the gift of education means that they can quickly expand their professional horizons. When they do that, they develop skills that they may not have realized that they had before now. I am a strong believer in investing in your staff and ensuring that they have access to educational tools. No matter the business you are leading, there is a way to utilize this approach.

Express gratitude to your employees

I personally know that I would be nowhere without my team of dedicated experts and professionals. The MAKO Medical Laboratories family has grown hugely in recent years and we are lucky to work with some of the most astonishing professionals in the field. One of the best ways to motivate your staff has to be to show them some gratitude. That can be verbally — you may simply tell them that they are doing a great job. However, there are yet more ways that you may want to give something back to your staff members.

For example, many managers use bonus schemes to show that they appreciate the hard work of their staff members. You may also decide to give the team members more flexibility or even increase their vacation allowance. The gesture itself is less important than what it will mean to your employees. Showing them that they are more than mere numbers is essential. Each person in your team works hard to make sure that the business is a success. By letting them know that you are grateful, you will inspire them.


As a business leader, you have the power to motivate your team and inspire them to keep going. In this article, Chad Price MAKO Medical CEO has shared some of the most effective strategies you can use when it comes to managing a team. Regardless of the sector in which you work, these approaches will help you keep your employees on track. It’s worth trying to employ some of them in your everyday duties. While you can’t overhaul your workforce overnight, you will find that these approaches make all the difference.

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