CEO of MAKO Medical Laboratories Chad Price Explains the Social Responsibility of Charitable Donations

Chad Price
5 min readJul 12, 2022


At MAKO Medical Laboratories, we offer services that disrupt the medical testing industry. While, for years, many patients have struggled to get the results they need, when they need them, we are changing the story. Since launching back in 2014, we have worked alongside some of the industry’s leading experts to ensure that we offer fast and accurate testing services. However, our offering is just one of the ways we support the community.

When we started the company, we were clear on how we wanted to change the sector. We were also clear on the idea that we wanted to support those who need it the most. Giving back is a core belief that we hold close to each of our hearts. For that reason, we support a variety of local causes and initiatives. The overriding ethos here is that we can make a difference to the lives of the people around us and in the wider community. Within this article, I want to share why we have a social responsibility to make charitable donations.

Giving Back Helps Your Business and Community

Business is all about creating strong networks — that is with other entrepreneurs and community leaders. I strongly believe that there is no better way to enact this than to look at the ways that you can give back to the people who need it in your region. At MAKO Medical Laboratories, we’re always looking for sponsorship and donation opportunities. Most recently, we collaborated with the Vance County Public School Foundation (VCPSF), donating $10,000 to the cause. Additionally, we decided to match further donations from the community up to another $10,000 throughout the rest of 2022.

“We are so grateful for the financial support and the confidence that MAKO has in the work we are doing in Vance County Schools”, said Superintendent Dr. Cindy Bennett, when we made the latest donation to the foundation. “Every dollar donated will support the experiences and engaging opportunities our teachers will design and share with our students. MAKO has again demonstrated their amazing support for this community!”

While there’s a broad range of causes that we could support, we believe that it’s important to make sure that we spend our money where it matters. Every child deserves to have access to a strong level of education. The LEAP Grants support Vance County School teachers by ensuring that they get the most effective resources to enact their projects. Armed with this additional support, they are each able to enhance each students’ learning.

It’s Not About PR — Giving Back Matters

One of the most common misconceptions about donating to charity is that it’s merely a PR stunt. That is simply not the case. At MAKO Medical Laboratories, we actively want to make a difference n the greater community. That mission has been at the core of everything that we do. Whether that means hiring veterans among our ranks or looking for ways to donate to the causes in the region, there are always ways in which we can support those around us. We have never — and will never — make a donation with the sole purpose of gaining more as a business. It’s not what we’re about.

While you may not have heard it before now, there’s a word for that. “Causewashing” means donating to charity with the main aim being good PR. Businesses around the globe dabble in this. For example, a large scale company may make a small donation to a well-known charity so that they can put the logo on their website. They may have no idea what the charity does, how its money is spent, or the difference the donation will make. Jumping on the bandwagon here is a huge mistake and it’s not how we operate. There’s no doubt there’s value in giving back, but researching the charities is a key step here.

For that reason, whenever we donate to a cause, we ensure that we understand where the funds are going. Working and collaborating with local initiatives makes that relatively straightforward. If we take the example of the Vance County Public School Foundation (VCPSF), it’s clear to see how this system works. We can see how the foundation uses the funding to immediately improve the learning experiences of local students. There’s no question about whether that cash influx will be used to support those who need the help.

As a business owner and a philanthropist, I implore others in my position to do the same. Taking the time to understand the charities in-depth will make a huge difference to knowing where the company’s money is spent. Equally, you may want to get to know the talented individuals who work within the charity. You can book meetings with these people, visit their premises, and talk to them about the upcoming initiatives. The more time you dedicate to this particular endeavor, the bigger the impact you will ultimately make.

The Takeaway!

Thinking of giving back on behalf of your business? There’s no question that your company can help support causes around the world or closer to home. At MAKO Medical Laboratories, we have made this a key part of our everyday processes. Consider the ways that your company may do the same. The truth of the matter is that there are almost countless opportunities out there, and you don’t have to look all that hard to find them.

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